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We have tons of procedures to help with your pain

Facet Medial Branch Blocks - Rhizotomy

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Posterior Superior Iliac Spine Blocks - Ablations

Nerve blocks are performed to provide relief from chronic pain. Nerve blocks may be used as a therapeutic tool by providing pain relief or as a diagnostic tool by confirming the nerve carrying pain signals. When this pain occurs in or originates on the back of the pelvis, the type of nerve block that may be used is referred to as a posterior superior iliac spine block. Following a nerve block, ablation may be performed to destroy the sensory nerve and prevent it from sending the pain signals to the brain.


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Global Neuro & Spine Institute physicians are double and triple-board certified, fellowship trained, and remain on the cutting edge of technology. In our practice, we use the most advanced techniques and the highest standards to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan for each of our patients. We are also very proud of our policy to place great importance on educating those we treat, while addressing any questions or concerns that may exist.


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