Welcome to the Global Neuro & Spine Institute

Global Neuro & Spine Institute physicians are double and triple-board certified, fellowship trained, and remain on the cutting edge of technology. At Global Neuro & Spine Institute, our physicians use the most advanced techniques and the highest standards to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan for each of our patients. We are also very proud of our policy to place great importance on educating those we treat, while addressing any questions or concerns.

Global Neuro & Spine Institute treats numerous types of conditions. Pain treatment depends upon the type of pain condition. The evaluation and treatment is provided for acute disc herniations in the neck, thoracic, or lumbar spine; compression fractures; arthritis; chronic back pain; headaches and facial pain; and other chronic pain problems.Learn More
Global Neuro & Spine Institute offers comprehensive services for acute, sub-acute and chronic or end-stage pain. Through a personalized and patient-centered approach the clinic focuses on easing pain, reducing pain-related disability, and improving quality of life using a comprehensive approach to therapies and services.Learn More
The professionals at Global Neuro & Spine Institute are specifically trained to the highest level to evaluate and treat sports injuries of all types, subacute spine and other musculoskeletal and neurological injuries, & chronic painful illnesses. At Global Neuro & Spine Institute we work with you to develop a treatment plan and provide pain relief.Learn More

Our Goal

The physicians at Global Neuro & Spine Institute strive to provide relief and release from relentless pain, making it possible for our patients to return to a lifestyle of work and play.

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What Patients Say

“For the first time in over 30 years I am able to sleep pain free! I am very happy with the SCS and want to get the permanent device. I love Dr. Slobasky and thank you all so much.”
“Dr. Vrable is a caring, compassionate physician. He understood my fears and anxieties and I always felt I could depend on him for support. He was able to pinpoint the source of my pain and find a way to alleviate it within a month. I’m back at the gym and enjoying movement! Thank you once again, Dr. Vrable.”
“I don’t trust the word or opinion of every doctor but I trust everything Dr. Slobasky has to say. He is the most gentle and caring doctor I have ever seen and I’ve seen many doctors. He is by far my very favorite.”
“Dr. Vrable was not only compassionate and caring at a vulnerable time, but he inspired an optimism that actually made me feel excited about a healthy and active future.”