Give Kids the World

On September 17th, Dr. Michael Slobasky was privileged to present a gift from Global Neuro and Spine Institute to Ms. Diana McCluskey of Give Kids The World. The $2,500 gift was donated as a result of Global’s “You Spin…Kids Win” promotion at the 70th Annual Workers’ Compensation Education seminar in Orlando, FL in August.

Global Neuro & Spine Institute has a strong commitment to helping Give Kids The World in their awesome mission to children facing life-threatening illnesses, and to their families. The stress that threatens to overwhelm the family – physically, emotionally, spiritually – is unthinkable. It is our desire to encourage the precious moms and dads, grandparents and siblings who are suffering beyond  comprehension with the day to day anxiety of the child they love like their next breath.

When we were introduced to the incredible work done at Give Kids The World, it captured our hearts! We knew we HAD to help in every way we could. And so, a few years ago, a strong connection was born between Give Kids The World and Global Neuro & Spine Institute.

We have heard directly from families who were fortunate enough to stay at the Village. They expressed how getting away from the doctors, the constant tests, and the crushing anxiety associated with their child’s illness gave them indescribable hope and relief; and in some cases, even life changing results.

We are impressed that 93 cents of every dollar we send goes directly to programs and services. The organization is well run and maintains the highest level of integrity. We are glad to support Give Kids The World.