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Herniated Discs Treatment

4 Questions to Ask Herniated Discs Treatment Specialist

Do you have pain, numbness, or weakness in your lower back? If this has become a hassle for you to complete your day-to-day tasks then it’s time to consult with an experienced doctor like ours at Global Neuro & Spine Institute. We provide comprehensive and personalized care. For more information, contact us or book an appointment online. We have convenient locations in Orlando FL, Jensen Beach FL, Malabar Palm Bay FL, Atlantis FL, Fort Pierce FL, Winter Park FL and Plantation, FL.

Herniated Discs Treatment Near Me in Orlando, Jensen Beach, Malabar Palm Bay, Atlantis, Fort Pierce, Winter Park and Plantation, FL.
Herniated Discs Treatment Near Me in Orlando, Jensen Beach, Malabar Palm Bay, Atlantis, Fort Pierce, Winter Park and Plantation, FL.

Table of Contents:

Is a herniated disc serious?
How do you fix a herniated disc?
What does a herniated disc feel like?
How long does a herniated disc take to heal?

A herniated disc is a medical term used to describe a condition in which the soft tissues between the spinal cord, known as the intervertebral discs, herniate. This occurs when the soft, gel-like interior, known as the nucleus, protrudes from the thick, fibrous exterior, known as the annulus. A herniated disc can often lead to pain and decreased mobility, and should be treated as soon as possible.

Is a herniated disc serious?

A herniated disc is not serious in the sense of the condition being life-threatening, however, it can severely impede upon one’s quality of life and their ability to perform everyday activities. In most cases, a herniated disc is not serious if properly treated, but if the condition is left without treatment, it can develop into complications that may be serious.

How do you fix a herniated disc?

There are many treatment options for a herniated disc, from lifestyle changes to surgical procedures. In most cases, herniated discs heal without the need for surgical intervention, which is why most providers will recommend non-surgical or non-invasive treatment options first. Common treatment options include:

Home Care — Certain lifestyle changes may be recommended, such as reducing physical activity for a few days to a few weeks. It may be suggested to avoid bending or lifting heavy objects, or it may be recommended to avoid all physically demanding activities altogether. This is to reduce the inflammation that is occurring near the nerves in the spinal canal. Complete bed rest for more than two days is generally not recommended, as it could lead to problems healing.

Medications — Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), may be used to manage pain, if recommended by a physician. Steroid injections may also be administered, as these provide longer-term relief from pain.

Non-Invasive Therapy — As mentioned, nonsurgical treatment options are typically recommended before undergoing surgery. These treatment options, including physical therapy, often provide ample relief from symptoms, eliminating the need for further treatment.

What does a herniated disc feel like?

A herniated disc does not often cause pain at the site of the herniation; the pain typically affects the general area in which the herniated disc is situated, such as the lower back, upper back, or neck. It may cause the following symptoms:

– Pain
– Muscle weakness
– Sciatic pain
– Tingling
– Muscle spasms
– Overactive reflexes
– Numbness
– Pins and needles
– Burning
– Hand numbness
– Neck stiffness
– Loss of bowel control

How long does a herniated disc take to heal?

The time is takes a herniated disc to heal is unique in each situation, and is dependent upon a number of different factors, including:

– The severity of the herniation
– If surrounding nerves are affected
– The location of the herniated disc
– The treatment options provided

Factoring in the aforementioned variables, it can take several weeks to a couple of years for a herniated disc to heal. If no treatment is sought out and the body is left alone to heal the herniated disc by itself, it can take many months—even years—for it to fully heal. However, with the proper treatment, it can heal much more quickly, and function can be restored sooner.

If you or someone you love is living with a herniated disc, know that there is a way to improve your function and quality of life. The herniated disc treatment specialists at Global Neuro & Spine can help you get on the road to recovery, so contact us today to book an appointment. We serve patients from all across the Sunshine State, in Orlando FL, Conway FL, Edgewood FL, Jensen Beach FL, Ocean Breeze FL, Rio FL, Malabar Palm Bay FL, Melbourne FL, Atlantis FL, Palm Springs FL, Boynton Beach FL, Fort Pierce FL, White City FL, St Lucie FL, Plantation FL, Pine Island Ridge FL, Lauderhill FL, Winter Park FL, Bertha FL, Alafaya FL and surrounding areas.


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