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When To Worry About Headaches?

When To Worry About Headaches?

Do you have constant headaches with other symptoms such as red eyes, stiff neck, and seizures and it is affecting your life? Don’t ignore the symptoms and talk to our experienced doctors for comprehensive treatment at Global Neuro & Spine Institute. For more information, contact us today or schedule an online appointment. We have convenient locations to serve you in Orlando FL, Jensen Beach FL, Palm Bay FL, Atlantis FL, Fort Pierce FL, and Plantation FL.

Headaches Treatment Near Me in Orlando FL, Jensen Beach FL, Palm Bay FL, Atlantis FL, Fort Pierce FL, and Plantation FL
Headaches Treatment Near Me in Orlando FL, Jensen Beach FL, Palm Bay FL, Atlantis FL, Fort Pierce FL, and Plantation FL

Table of Contents:

What are the main causes of headaches?
How long will my headache last?
What type of headache should I worry about?
How do you diagnose Headaches?

What are the main causes of headaches?

Headaches are a very common pain that many experience. Most headaches go away with little to no treatment and are usually not a sign of anything serious. The two most common types of headaches are migraine headaches and tension headaches. Migraines are often brought on by extremely sensitive nerve endings in the brain. Genetics are often a major cause for migraine headaches, as most individuals who experience migraines have family members with the same condition.

Tension headaches are a result of tense head and neck muscles. Causes of tension headaches vary from person to person, however they are most commonly triggered by:

– Stress
– Illness
– Hormones
– Weather changes
– Diet (eg. processed food and alcohol)
– Caffeine withdrawal
– Lack of sleep
– External surroundings (eg.lights and smells)

How long will my headache last?

It is most common for a tension headache to last from 30 minutes to 1 hour. However, different types of headaches can last for much more prolonged periods of time. For example, migraine headaches usually range from 4 hours to up to 3 days. Cluster headaches are very severe, as they occur in multiple, daily occurrences for 15 minutes to 3 hours over a period that lasts from 2 weeks to 3 months. New Daily Persistent Headaches (HDPH) are characterized by sudden onset and often span longer than a 3 month period at a time. Those affected by chronic headaches report pain 15 or more days each month. Overall, headaches range from very short to extremely prolonged periods and depend on the type of headache you experience. It is important to track your headache symptoms as it will be easier for you to get accurately diagnosed if you can pinpoint the frequency, length and intensity of your headaches.

What type of headache should I worry about?

Almost all of us have experienced a headache throughout our lives, as they are a common form of pain cited for missed school and work or a visit to a physician. Common types of headaches such as tension headaches, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, migraines and headaches caused by illness are usually nothing to worry about. However, sometimes headaches can be a sign of a more serious issue. You should seek medical support if you experience:

– Headaches prevent you from falling asleep or disturb your sleep
– Headaches that first onset after age 50
– Unusually severe headaches
– Major change or new onset of headaches
– Headaches that onset abruptly
– Headaches that prevent daily activities
– Headaches after a head injury
– Headaches accompanied with other symptoms such as red eye, stiff neck, tenderness of temples, slurred speech, weakness, confusion, numbness, and seizures

These symptoms may indicate underlying conditions, medical emergencies or chronic conditions. It is important to consult a medical professional as soon as possible to receive a diagnosis and treatment plan to relieve your pain.

How do you diagnose Headaches?

To properly diagnose the cause of your headaches, your physician will ask for a detailed history of your headaches. Common questions you may be asked include:

– When did your headaches first begin?
– What is the intensity and frequency of your headaches?
– How long do your headaches last?
– What seems to trigger your headaches?
– Who else in your family experiences headaches?
– Have your headaches affected your work or school?
– If any, what other symptoms occur when you experience headaches?

It is important to keep track of your symptoms, keep a list of current medications, and write down a list of questions to discuss with the practitioner. In addition to gathering key facts about your headache patterns, it may be useful for the physician to perform tests to provide an accurate diagnosis. Tests used to diagnose headaches include CT Scan, MRI, blood chemistry and urinalysis.

If you experience headaches, come to Global Neuro & Spine Institute for treatment you can trust. Our professionals are experienced in providing accurate and prompt diagnoses and the best treatment in the industry.

Feel free to contact us online to book an appointment. We serve patients from all across the Sunshine State, with clinics in Orlando FL; Palm Bay, FL; Fort Pierce, FL; Jensen Beach, FL; Atlantis FL, and Plantation / Ft. Winter Park, FL. We look forward to serving you!


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